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Feb. 27th, 2009

I'm in men's pyjamas and surfing the interwebz. The boy is sitting on the floor and working on the macbook with only his boxer briefs to retain his modesty. And Sushicat? She's keeping him company and being helpful by soaking up the warm air from the back of the laptop.

I'm glad it's Friday. Time to relax and maybe finish the Enchantress of Florence.

This is a rant and of course it's biased.

Am I expecting too much?

I mean, it's been a week since my birthday and I've yet to receive a birthday gift from the bf. He says he's been busy with work, money is tight, he's not been feeling well, and the store ran out of the gift he wanted to get for me. I'm so geram and sien lah. For the sakes of non-Malaysians, geram and sien more or less translates to angry/pissed and fed-up.

All those sound like valid reasons but, honestly? I still feel upset about it. I won't deny it.

Maybe it's partly due to hormones because I have pimples sprouting on my back dammit. Maybe it's because I don't expect gifts from friends but I sure as hell expect it from HIM. Maybe it's because I purposely leave my Sundays free so I can spend some quality time in a leisurely manner with him but he says yes to a friend inviting him out for a drink. UGH.

We may live in the same 1325 square foot of space but we sure don't spend the time together! I'm at work the whole day while he works at home. When I get back from work, I'll fix dinner and we'll watch an episode of Dexter or something while eating. After that he goes back to work on the PC and I do my own stuff till it's bedtime. From Wednesday to Saturday, he'll be out attending or shooting events till god knows what time. So when is the ONLY DAY of the week we'll have time to spend together? SUNDAY LAH. ARGH.

Please, am I expecting too much?


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Oct. 28th, 2008

I missed home and hearth mightily and it was so good to chill in a laid back town. All I did was eat kolo mee and laksa, sleep, make my brother drive me around, go for a pedicure for the first time ever, and caught up with old, good friends.

I know Andy and I have made a home of our own in this part of the Klang Valley but nothing beats going HOME lah. It was a much-needed whiff of fresh air and the simple life. But actually hor it wasn't so simple cos I did some shopping so there ya go.

A lot more commercial shoplots have mushroomed since my March trip and it's sad to see because it takes a couple of years for a lot of these shoplots to reach at least 50% occupation rate. The Spring (a newish local shopping mall which brought in brands like Guess, Charles & Keith, Padini etc) is barely full on weekends and I don't see a lot of people toting shopping bags. They just hang out, have a meal, do grocery shopping, and window-shop.

One thing though, I walk so fast now that I get annoyed when I'm stuck behind a Kuchingite and can't pass. Seriously.

Can't wait for my next trip in December!

Oct. 25th, 2008

How could I have reached the age of 29 and not know the wonders and delight of a PEDICURE.


Originally uploaded by superkumquat
The kitten we kept. She was the smallest kitten in the litter and we adore her socks :) Andy wanted a Japanese sounding name and rattled off some which I didn't like, so I said,"How about Sushi?" It stuck and it does fit her because she was small enough to be a bite of sushi.

The one we didn't name

The one we didn't name
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We could have named her Whiny cos she whines when we pick her up. Maybe Snaky or Twisty since she always wriggles out of our hands. She just didn't like to be carried :)

Mr Wong

Mr Wong
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The sole male of the litter. Boasts a beautiful long tail that just begs to be grabbed. Name coined by Jude or Rozzy (can't remember now!), inspired by his wideset eyes.

All curled up

All curled up
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They play together, eat together, and sleep together.


Originally uploaded by superkumquat
Boy cat on the left and Baby on the right.


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